Monday , June 17 2019


Vietnamese Boat People fleeing Viet Nam after 1975 through 2005. About 500000 to 600000 boat people perished at sea.

They encounter pirates and other hardship at sea. Over 50% About 1 Million of them DIED and never made it to shore and died in refugees camps.

If life in Vietnam was unbearable, life on the South China Sea was even worse.People escape from Vietnam,attack by pirates and miraculous arrival at some refugee camp.
Refugees faced a host of perils: typhoons, overcrowded and often leaky boats, a lack of navigational tools, brutal pirates, starvation, dehydration and illness. An estimated half of the boat people perished at sea.

That’s 500,000 to 600,000 human lives.

Humanitarian aid organizations claimed that South Asian governments allowed the piracy to continue as a deterrent to refugees.

No South Asian country would accept the refugees, many fearing that the influx was a Chinese or Vietnamese plot to upset the racial balance in Asia. The tragedy of so many people with nowhere to go brought the world’s attention to the plight of the Vietnamese boat people.

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